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The research in our group lies at the broad interface between nanomaterials science and biotechnology. This rapidly advancing research area is commonly termed nano-biotechnology. Our research includes the basic study of structure-property relationships of nanomaterials and the application of this knowledge in the development of innovative materials and functional materials systems.

We are interested in nanostructured materials such as porous Silicon and their interface with soft matter e.g. hydrogels, biomolecules, and living cells. Understanding these interfaces allows us to rationally design biosensors for the detection of biological and chemical toxins, new drug delivery platforms, and functional responsive materials.





News and Media

Congratulations to Ofer – for being selected to represent Israel in the 13th HOPE Meeting with Nobel Laureates

Congratulations to Xin – for winning the Jacobs Excellence Scholarship

Ofer Printz-Setter and Yuexi Lin present their research at the PAT-ICRS conference in Ma’alot-Tarshiha, Israel October 2021


Ofer will present his work on “Modified halloysite nanotubes for targeting bacterial cells”

Yuexi will present her work on “Porous silicon carriers for bone morphogenic protein-2 integrated in personalized 3D-printed bone grafts”

Just Published

Leonard H., Jiang X., Arshavsky-Graham S., Holtzman L., Haimov Y., Weizman D., Halachmi S., Segal E., Shining Light in Blind Alleys: Deciphering Bacterial Attachment in Silicon Microstructures, Nanoscale Horizons, published online. Open access

Arshavsky-Graham S., Heuer C., Jiang X., Segal E., Aptasensors versus immunosensors-Which will prevail?, Engineering in Life Sciences, Volume 22, Issue 3-4, Pages 319-333 (2022). Open access

Salama R., Arshavsky-Graham S., Sella-Tavor O., Massad-Ivanir N., Segal E., Design Considerations of Aptasensors for Continuous Monitoring of Biomarkers in Digestive Tract Fluids, Talanta, 239 (2022).